Episode Eliminated




TDI: 11th


Relationship Gwen (one-sided on his side)
Friends Beth, Bridgette, Gwen, Harold, Noah, LeShawna, Lindsay, Tyler, Trent, DJ, Owen
Enemies Courtney, Eva, Heather, Duncan, Justin, Alejandro


Season 1Edit

In "Hello Campers" Cody was placed on the Killer Bass along with Bridgette, Beth, Courtney, Justin, Duncan, Ezekiel, Heather, Owen. In "See You Down There Part I" Cody safely makes it to the safe zone. In the next episode in "See You Down There Part II" Cody is mostly quiet throughout the episode. In "Can You Stand The Sleep" Cody was one of the first ones on his team and in general to get knocked out. In "Dodgebrawl" Cody is the first one out on his team. Then in the next round he sits out with Bridgette. Then in the final round, Cody and his whole team got out simaltaneously. Cody does not compete at all in the Talent Show in "Talent Show Bogus." In the next episode in "Boot Camp" Cody works with the Guys as it is a Battle of the Sexes and the teams has merged. Cody fails the first challenge and is eliminated from it. In "Fear Factors" Heather states that she is thinking about making an alliance with Cody. Cody decides to join her and fails to help her from Elmo. Cody later on then runs away from a red ant that he is highly allergic to.

In "Hot Kitchen" Justin does nothing to help out the guys so Duncan, Noah, Tyler and himself all decides to throw the challenge and works together to boot him off. They all then see to watch Justin storm off. In the next episode in "Pray for the Prey" the guys has to shoot the girls. While Cody was looking for a girl, he and Duncan bumps into each other. They talk for a bit until Noah shoots them both down on accident. In "Sports Extravaganza Part I" Cody gets hit by the football first and gets sent to the infirmary where he is eliminated.