This article is about the conflict between Duncan and one of his mortal enemies, Cody.

Episodes ForEdit

Season 1Edit

Sports Extravaganza Part IEdit

After Heather hacks the machine to get Duncan, Duncan hacks it again to aim for somebody else. He then makes it hit Cody, eliminating him from the game. However, Duncan stated in the confessional that he didn't mean to hurt Cody.

Season 2Edit

Sounds Like DuncanEdit

Cody like the rest of the cast was surprised to see Duncan return to the game.

Give Me A-M-O-N-E-YEdit

Cody persuades Gwen to join his alliance and convinces Gwen to break up with Duncan because he is a jerk. When Duncan finds out, he yells to Cody that he hates him and beats Cody up. At the elimination ceremony, Cody is hurt.

Heather HolmesEdit

Cody and Duncan (along with Heather, Bridgette abd Gwen) were going to vote Courtney off until Heather's plan backfires and Cody votes for Duncan in hopes of eliminating him.

Party Like A Rock StarEdit

Cody was shocked that Duncan got "eliminated" by going back to juvy. Duncan went back to juvy for stealing Cody's cookie. Despite all of this, Cody probably was happy Duncan left due to their conflict.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Season 1Edit

Hot KitchenEdit

When Justin was being bossy and stated that he will not help the guys in cooking, Duncan makes plan with Tyler, Noah and Cody to throw the challenge in order to vote Justin off.

Pray for the PreyEdit

When Duncan and Cody are looking for the girls, they bump into each other and then has a nice conversation until Noah accidentally shoots them both.

Sports Extravaganza Part IEdit

Duncan hacked the machine after Heather to target somebody else. The football then attacks Cody and Duncan states that he did not mean for it to hit Cody.

Season 2Edit

Heather HolmesEdit

Heather convinced Gwen, Bridgette, Duncan and Cody to vote Courtney off. However, ultimately Gwen and Cody votes for Duncan.