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The two teams of the third season of LilycoveCave's series



Episode Eliminated

TDI: So You Think You Can Eat?

TDA: Party Like A Rock Star

TDWT: Hawaii Volcano Eruption Part I & II (Alternative Version)


TDI: 9th

TDA: 6th

TDWT: 1st

Relationship Courtney (Broke-up), Gwen (Broke-up), Heather (Broke-up), Lola
Friends Owen, DJ, Geoff, Eva (possibly), Trent, Lola, Beth, Izzy, Ezekiel
Enemies Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Cody, Bridgette, Harold, Lindsay, LeShawna, Noah, Tyler, Justin, Alejandro, Blaineley Everyone (Except Friends)


Season 1Edit

In "Hello Campers" Duncan gets placed on the Killer Bass along with Bridgette, Heather, Cody, Courtney, Owen, Ezekiel and Beth. He was sad to see Owen go. In "See You Down There Part I" Duncan completed the challenge. In "See You Down There Part II" Duncan did not talk but his team won. In the next episode in "Can You Stand The Sleep?" Duncan and Courtney hangs out and Duncan talks about how Courtney is hot but not his type yet. Duncan was curious to why Chris was being so nice until he found out it was just apart of the challenge. When he and Courtney fall asleep, they accidentally kiss (however, it is implied that Duncan did that on purpose). Duncan helps out his team in the dodgeball competition in "Dodgebrawl." However, the Killer Bass loses and Courtney was booted off. Duncan then talks about how he is going to miss her. In "Talent Show Bogus" Duncan is not excited about the Talent Show and wasw surprised when both DJ and Beth got out.

In "Boot Camp" The teams merge and it goes to Battle of the Sexes. Duncan does decent as he survives the first challenge but loses in the running. He states that he should be able to stay with them but he has asthema. Duncan agrees with Lindsay that he wonders where Chris is as well. Duncan states that he has no fear. Later on, Duncan and Gwen blow up and they beat their challenge. Duncan gets mad when he and Gwen are not excused from elimination. In the next episode in "Hot Kitchen" after Justin decides he felt like not competing in the challenge, Duncan devises a plan with Noah, Tyler and Cody to lose on purpose so they could boot him out. His plan is successful and Duncan explains that to Justin as Justin leaves. In "Pray for the Prey" Duncan and Cody accidentally bumps into one another and they just talk until Noah accidentally shoots them both down. Duncan was happy that both Courtney and Owen returned.

In "Sports Extravaganza Part I" Duncan stated in the confessional that he knew Heather hacked the machine so he then hacked it himself. He then said that he did not mean for it to hurt Cody. Duncan also states in the confessional that he is leaving Tyler and Noah for goners and has joined an alliance with Owen and Trent. In "Sports Extravaganza Part II" Duncan motivates Owen from quitting by lying that he has cupcakes. Next in "So You Think You Can Eat?" Duncan is one of the first people out. At the elimination, everyone but Gwen and Courtney boots him out. Courtney gets suspicious and Duncan and her shares a kiss before he goes.

Season 2Edit

Duncan did not make it into season two. In "Sounds Like Duncan" Duncan's shadow was appearing until the very end when Chris let him join back into the show. In the next episode in "Health Violation" Duncan told his patient to just get some rest, winning the challenge for his team. Later in "No Need To Worry" Duncan probably voted Katie off for ruining the challenge and losing for their team. Duncan gets eliminated from the challenge when Chris launches the twister in "A Disastrous Feeling." In the next episode in "World War 3" Duncan fails the landing challenge and is eliminated from the challenge. In "Robbing is For Men" Noah, Gwen and Tyler forms an alliance and decides to vote out either Heather or Duncan if their team loses again. Gwen then disagrees with Duncan. Later in the challenge, Duncan explains in the confessional that he will win the challenge with ease. Duncan later is right and wins for his team.

In "B.C." Bridgette tells Duncan that it is not nice to hit a girl but Duncan states that he does not care. He then beats her. Duncan then later fights Tyler but somehow loses. Duncan like many others voted Tyler off that night. In the next episode in "Give Me A-M-O-N-E-Y!" Gwen is convinced by Cody to break up with Duncan. Duncan pushes Chef the fastest in the challenge. In the wrestling, Duncan fights Gwen but does not hold back and Gwen beats him. Before the elimination, Duncan beat Cody up and said that he hated him. In "I Can't Believe You Just Exploded" after Noah jumps out the window, Duncan mocks him by questioning him if he is really the smart one. Duncan like the others escapes the building. Duncan thought that rescuing a girl was gay and then Chris retaliates by asking if he was gay in "Super Dweeb." Duncan and Justin had to race to Heather. It ends up as a tie and Duncan asks what to do. Chris then tells Heather to decide who she wants. She picked Justin because Duncan would have been better at it. Dunca was told about Justin and most likely voted him off.

In "Once Upon A Fail" Bridgette chose Duncan to be her savior. When it was Duncan's turn, Bridgette wanted him to finish the challenge quick only for him to fail. In "Heather Holmes" Duncan was convinced by Heather to vote Courtney. However, her plan fails and Duncan votes Heather off. In the next episode in "Party Like A Rock Star" Duncan displayed his talent on the guitar and Chris knew he was good. In the second part of the challenge, Duncan wins messiest room because the others had worse rooms. Duncan wins invincibility until a parol officer takes him back to juvy for stealing Cody's cookie. In "Who Wants To Be The Millionaire?" Duncan asked Noah and Gwen what would they buy for him if they were friends of his. Gwen said she would by him a ticket out of juvy and Noah said he would do that, get him a motorcycle for two (his girlfriend) and his own house. Duncan later votes for Noah to win. Duncan is seen cheering when Noah wins. In the Alternative version, Duncan votes for Gwen and they share a last kiss before Duncan leaves the Total Drama Film Lot after helping her up.

Season 3Edit

In "Pyramid Forbid" Duncan did not like the idea of singing in the show. Duncan partnered up with Geoff and Izzy to complete the challenge. Later on, Duncan is placed on Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot along with Noah, Bridgette, Geoff, Izzy and Alejandro. In the next episode in "Sand Racing Mischeft" Duncan's team had the camel for their transportation. Duncan and Alejandro took the lead roles as leader and they soon start to get along well. Duncan states in the confessional that Alejandro is cool. Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot manages to win their first challenge. In "Kangaroo Kidnap" Duncan made an alliance with Geoff and Alejandro. When finding a kangaroo, Duncan, Geoff and Alejandro finds a boxing one and they all get pummeled by it. They then however, tricks Owen into helping them get the kangaroo into their cart and back to the plane. During the elimination, Duncan attends Team Victory's second elimination and mocks Gwen and Cody when they are both sent home. After Gwen jumps off, Duncan laughs at Cody and then pushes him off with no parachute for revenge from last season. Duncan discussed with Alejandro and Geoff to vote out either Izzy or Noah in "Pepperoni Pizza Madness." Duncan helped Izzy make the dough. When Izzy was curious to why Owen had stopped talking with her, she gets Duncan to help her investigate. They both then asks Owen and he says because they are on different teams. Izzy does not believe him and is about to break up with him until Duncan told Izzy to stay with him because he was sorry and that he did not talk to her before. Owen then thanks Duncan and Izzy hugs Owen. Duncan and Izzy then goes to sabotage the other teams but ends up destroying their pizza. Duncan, Alejandro and Geoff like Bridgette votes Izzy off. When Izzy was voted out due to an injury, he said later crazy girl and gives her a fist bump as a sign of friendship.

In "Big Apple Fever" Duncan tells DJ that he and Geoff were thinking of making a present for him when Duncan finds out that DJ was making the good food in the previous season. DJ then smiles and Duncan states in the confessional that he likes DJ. Later on, Duncan is the first to make it up the Statue of Liberty along with Lindsay and Cody. They were then the three to get hit by baseball bats. Duncan laughed at both Cody when he got hurt in the kiwis and Lindsay when the baseball bat knocks her flat on her face. Duncan then eliminates Cody from the challenge by tripping him (on purpose) down the Statue of Liberty. Alejandro then states that Duncan is more evil than he thought. Chris asked what happened and Duncan states that it was an accident. He then says in the confessional that Cody deserved that. As Duncan gets hit in the kiwis, Lindsay smiles thinking she is going to win. Duncan then tricks her saying there is lip gloss where Tyler is and she jumps to Tyler. Duncan then wins for his team again. Lindsay then gets mad when Duncan lied, Duncan then steals Heather's and Lindsay hugs him and runs to Tyler. Heather then compliments him on tripping Cody and then says that she think he is hot but then says that she did not mean it. Cody and Gwen both were mad at Duncan for what he did. (NOTE: CODY AND GWEN RETURNED JUST TO HELP OUT IN CHALLENGE AND THEN THEY LEFT AGAIN)!

In "Aftermath: I" Cody and Gwen talks about how much of a jerk Duncan is. Blainelely then agrees but Izzy actually defends Duncan along with Trent. In the next episode in "The Great Wall Of China Race" Duncan discuss with Geoff that they need to keep an eye on Alejandro as he may not be what appears. Later on, Duncan is asked by Noah to join an alliance with him and Bridgette. He agrees and states that he can use that to his advantage to vote Noah out. Duncan later saves Beth from falling down the Great Wall Of China and she thanks him. He then rolls his eyes and leaves. Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot loses when Bridgette accidentally causes all of them to fall to which everyone on the team was mad at. Later, Noah and Bridgette told Duncan to vote Alejandro out as they do not trust him. Duncan agrees but votes with Alejandro and Geoff to vote Noah out. When Noah is eliminated, Duncan snickers at him and says oops in a sarcastic way. In the next episode in "Total Drama H2o" the contestants go to Florida. Duncan does not compete in teh challenge but does give Geoff a pep talk to not come in last. DJ and Owen both ask Duncan if Alejandro is really that nice. Duncan states no but is in an alliance with him for the time being. When Chef pushes Duncan in the water, Beth goes to pay a debt by saving him. Duncan was paired up with Bridgette in Niagra Falls. Geoff got slightly jealous because Bridgette picked Duncan but Duncan told Geoff he had no feelings for her. When the two finished both challenges, they go to the tight rope where they almost suceed until Sierra makes Bridgette almost fall to which Duncan saves her in order to win the challenge in "Niagra Brawls."

In "Jungle Rock Total Drama" the contestants had to survive from pirahnas for their first challenge. Duncan manages to get past them with Alejandro and Bridgette when they switch it with Tyler's. When Tyler realizes it, Duncan laughs at him. Later they got past the Giant Worms when Heather and Courtney starts to fight. Alejandro breaks the fight and Duncan gets pulled into the bushes to where Heather kisses him. They then start a relationship. In the next episode in "Arctic Power" Duncan continues his relationship with Heather and when everybody finds out, only Owen, DJ and Geoff approves of it. Alejandro then states in the confessional that he officially hates Duncan because he stole the girl he liked. Courntey gets jealous and Sierra decides to help her get Duncan back to which DJ and Owen stop. During the sled race, each team needed somebody to be the sled and they chose Tyler, Geoff and Owen. Duncan asked if Geoff was already being the sled and he said yes. Duncan sabotages Team Victory who is just Tyler carrying a sled. Duncan then mocks Tyler and Tyler asks why is he so mean and Duncan replies with that he does not care and throws a giant rock covered with ice on it at Tyler, eliminating him from the game (this makes Duncan responsible for eliminating Team Victory). Later on, Harold is found in the arctics and he returns right during the competition. He joins Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot. Duncan welcomes him back by punching him. Tyler states that he was unfairly eliminated by Duncan in "Aftermath: II."

In "Kayaking Quebec!" Duncan tells Harold that he is a loser and that he is the next one gone. Harold then argues with him that he is not. Chef then drops them into Quebec where Chris has made forts on the other side of the river. Chef then screams that they have to Kayak to their team forts. Duncan laughs at Harold when he fails to put the Kayak into the water. Bridgette then glares at him. During the challenge, Duncan does not talk much but on occasions laughs at Harold when Geoff tricks him into making a mistake. When Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot lands in a vortex, Duncan blames Harold and Harold and him has a verbal then physical fight to which Duncan wins both. When the team reaches to their fort last, they go to the ceremony. Duncan convinces Geoff and Alejandro to vote off Harold as Harold talks with Bridgette and convinces him to vote Duncan. Duncan is in the bottom two with Harold until Duncan gets the last barf bag. Duncan and Chris makes fun of Harold along with Geoff. Harold then vows that Duncan will lose. However, Alejandro actually voted for Duncan but Duncan threatened Chris and Chris threatened Harold and Duncan was safe. In the next episode in "California Boys" Geoff becomes the captain of making a movie in California about one guy and a girl getting together. Duncan is helping with stage tech but ultimately they lose when Bridgette is tripped by Alejandro and she messes everything up. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan and Alejandro picked Bridgette. While the latters did not pick anyone. Duncan was sad when Geoff quit for Bridgette and wished him farewell.

In "London Peace" Duncan talks to Alejandro about Heather. Heather then invites Duncan to first class and they make out for a long period of time. Lindsay then asks for Tyler so she could do the same. Lindsay kisses DJ on the cheek and asks him if he is Tyler. DJ gets confused and Duncan stops from kissing Heather for a moment to insult Lindsay on her intelligence. Lindsay states in the confessional that Duncan has becoming a real nuisance lately. She then says she is still mad for when he got Tyler eliminated. During the challenge, Duncan hangs around Owen, DJ and Heather as the two guys question him on his relationship with her. He then states that he likes her and kises her again. Alejandro then stalks them but gets captured by the Ripper. When Heather gets taken, Duncan tries to find her but then gets mad when DJ also gets taken. When it is just Duncan, Owen, Lindsay, Bridgette, and Courtney left to solve the crime, Duncan meets up with them but tricks Courtney into going into a trap door room where she gets taken. Owen then gets taken and Duncan blames Bridgette. Bridgette then gets keft behind and that leaves just Duncan and Lindsay to find out who is the ripper. When Duncan steps on a tile on the floor, he and Lindsay are being sucked in but Duncan saves them both and asks Lindsay if she was okay. They then goes into the Ripper's lair and Duncan and Lindsay decides to work together. Eventually, Duncan tricks Lindsay into getting captured and he discovers the ripper is Ezekiel. He then wins for his team. Duncan and Alejandro were chosen for the sumo wrestling in "I Heart Japan!" Duncan was to fight Courtney in the first round and lost because Alejandro distracted him on purpose. Heather then asks if he is okay and Duncan makes out with her to answer her. Owen then puts his thumbs up. DJ finds Ezekiel trying to throw him off of the plane so he can join back in. Duncan then stops Ezekiel. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan would have been out but it was a reward challenge. Heather then is happy that Duncan is in.

In "Avalanche!" the contestants goes to the German Alps. They all then tries to dodge avalanches or they will be eliminated. Duncan tricks Alejandro and Courtney into getting out. Alejandro and Courtney then continues their alliance even though Alejandro is just using her. Duncan tells Owen that he would like to make an alliance with him and Owen agrees. DJ decides to join as well. However, Sierra and Courtney are aware of this. Heather is then convinced to vote DJ off when their team loses. Duncan goes to that elimination and is shocked when DJ and Owen are in the bottom two. Owen recieves the last barf bag and DJ goes home. Duncan bids farewell to DJ and Duncan and Owen both decides to be on their guard. In the next episode in "Aftermath: III" Blaineley asks Harold, DJ, Lindsay and Geoff who would they want to win. DJ and Geoff said either Owen or Duncan (Geoff also said Bridgette). Harold said that he wanted Duncan to lose and Lindsay agreed with Harold but stated she would pick Duncan over anybody left other than Bridgette and Owen. It is also revealed in a video that Duncan broke up with Heather. Duncan talks to Heather in economics class about their break up and Heather agrees that it is for the best. They both then becomes enemies again (however, not like the previous two seasons). Alejandro then hugs Duncan when Heather is available for a boyfriend again. When Chris announces that the teams has merged, Duncan and Owen both smile at one another. He then welcomes a new girl named Lola who is a goth. Once meeting Lola, Duncan and her fall in love. They both gets handcuffed for the challenge in "A Lola and A Bull Story" Owen convinces Lola to join with Duncan in a relationship and the three of them become an alliance. The two then shares their first kiss. Heather eventually comes up to them and convinces those three to vote Bridgette off. Owen stops Heather from winning so Duncan and Lola could win. Duncan and Lola then passes Courtney, Alejandro, Sierra and jumps over Bridgette for the win. The two then shares their second kiss.

In the next episode in "Greece Lightning!" Owen and Lola talk about Duncan while in first class and he is asleep. Lola thne says that she likes Duncan a lot and he likes her. Duncan then wakes up and Owen and Lola agrees that they should vote Courtney off tonight. When Chris tells the campers to put the Gladiator Costumes on, Duncan refuses but puts it on like the others. Lola then states that he looks hot in it and Duncan says it back to her. Alejandro, Heather and Courtney then gets sick of those two being together. They all then state in the confessional at the same time that Lola and Duncan are going down. In the first challenge, Duncan survived the longest when being mauled by the bear (2 minutes and 30 seconds). He earned a Gold Medal. In the next challenge he fails and slips in oil that Chef put out on purpose. When Duncan was facing Sierra in the final challenge, he mocks Cody and she beats him up until Lola kisses him and he beats her. Duncan also tries to convince Courtney that Alejandro is just using her but she does not listen. Owen quit the challenge in order for Duncan to win. Lola gave up stating that she did not want to fight Duncan and that she wanted Duncan to have a sure fire way to stay in the game. Duncan then earns another Gold Medal and gains invincibility. Duncan, Owen and Lola votes Courtney off and Duncan tries to get Sierra's vote but she does not listen and votes for Alejandro. When it was a tie between Lola and Courtney, Duncan was shocked when they both were sent home. Before Lola left, Duncan left her with a make out kiss good-bye.

In "World Cup Trophy" Duncan was still sad about Lola being out. Owen in first class with him tries to cheer him up by stating that he was still in the game. Duncan states in the confessional that Alejandro is going to pay. When the cast is dropped off to Brazil in an arena to play soccer. Duncan asks how can they play with four people Chris then says that it is like the game World Cup. He says first person with 4 points wins. Since Duncan and Owen are still in their alliance, they work together to not score on one another. Sierra makes a gift for Duncan since she knew he really missed Lola. Alejandro tries to score on Duncan but fails and Duncan retaliates by kicking the ball into Heather's face (getting a goal) and illegally throwing the ball at Alejandro's kiwis. Duncan let's Owen score on him and Owen gets curious but goes along with it. In the end, Duncan won invincibility again for having 3 points however, the immunity goes to Sierra for having 2 points and being in second because Duncan illegally touched the ball. Sierra then says she will vote Duncan for no reason. Heather and Alejandro then despite hating one another works together to get rid of Owen. Duncan and Owen voted Heather off. Duncan and Owen were in the bottom two and Duncan recieves the final barf bag. Duncan then hugs Owen good-bye and states in the confessional that he is going to play rough now that his alliance member and girlfriend has been eliminated back to back.

In "Good Old Duncan" Duncan brings Sierra up to first class with him and convinces her to help him eliminate Alejandro. The two then smile evilly and decides to work together. Chris paired the group up with Duncan and Sierra and Heather with Alejandro. He then said that the team with the most Easter Eggs goes to first class. Duncan and Sierra both decides to stick together. They find many of the eggs in the ex-contestants' statues. When Sierra eats one, a Vulture is attracted to the scent and flies after them. Duncan then gets into an arguement with Sierra but they heal that and when Alejandro and Heather rests their basket of Easter Eggs down, Duncan switches the baskets. Chris then comes to analyze their eggs. After seeing the eaten ones in Heather and Alejandro's basket, Duncan and Sierra go up to first class. Duncan makes a plan and brings Heather to first class with them. There, the two convinces her to join them to eliminate Alejandro. In the next episode in "When in Rome..." Duncan wakes up to Sierra masaging him because she felt how intense he was. Duncan then thinks about rethinking his alliance with Heather and Sierra. Duncan is right behind Alejandro in rolling the hay down. However, Heather comes in front of Alejandro and asks to start a relationship with him. They both stop and make out. Duncan then knew that Heather actually like Alejandro. Duncan then comes in first and gets first class for the fourth time. Sierra then comes behind him and Heather beats Alejandro barely. As Alejandro was about to be eliminated, Sierra told Duncan and Heather she brought back a souveneir from the gift shop. Chris then states that that is dynamite. Everyone then blows up and Chris eliminates Sierra. Duncan then says in the confessional that he was so close. Alejandro then snickers at Duncan. Duncan then walks with Sierra as she is in a wheel chair and gives her the parachute. Duncan goes to first class unsure of how he is going to win now. Blaineley asked Owen, Sierra, Courtney, Bridgette and Lola who did they want to win. Owen, Lola, Sierra and Bridgette said Duncan. Blaineley then shows some clips of the remaining 3's greatest and worst moments. And even some new hidden footage.

In "Lions Be Back!" Duncan, Heather and Alejandro all had 4 darts to tranquilize a lion and bring it back to the plane. However, Chef brought Ezekiel to try and foil their plans. Alejandro starts his relationship with Heather and tries to get her to help him eliminate Duncan. Heather states that she would like to but still has some feelings for Duncan. Duncan goes on his own but meets up with Alejandro and Heather to which they both vow to eliminate him. Duncan then travels and uses 3 of his darts on trying to get the lion but failing. Duncan then finds Ezekiel and accidentally blows his last dart at the water. Ezekiel then agrees to help Duncan win. Ezekiel then gives Duncan a lucky dart. However, they both gets unlucky when the lions chase them. Heather and Alejandro both make out until they find a lion both tries to catch them but Alejandro hits Duncan and Ezekiel on purpose. Duncan and Ezekiel then wakes up captured by the eggs. Heather made a spot in the final 2. Duncan tries to break out but Ezekiel uses his bling to get out. They both then double teams on a lion and they both rush it back to the plane. Duncan then tranquilizes Alejandro and finally agrees that the dart is useful. Duncan then gets to the plane and Heather gets mad that Alejandro did not make it. Chris then wonders where Alejandro and Duncan and Ezekiel said that they left him tranquilized. Chris then gives Ezekiel to Chef to take back. Duncan and Ezekiel fist bump and Duncan and Heather boards the plane with Chris as the finals while they just leave Alejandro with the lions.

In "Hawaii Volcano Eruption Part I & II" Duncan and Heather goes to where the losers are and Chris asks all of the contestants to be on the benches of who they want to win. Beth, Bridgette, Blaineley, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Izzy, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Lola, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Sierra, Trent and Tyler all voted for Duncan and Alejandro rooted for Heather. DJ, Owen and Geoff all gave Duncan a pep talk. Blaineley asked Duncan why he should win and he says he should to get himself out of Juvy and to get his own house. Lola makes out with Duncan before he starts his challenge. In the first challenge Duncan and Heather had fight with swordfish over a pit of fire. Duncan and Heather mocks each other until Heather tricks Duncan and gains the upperhand in the sharkbait swimming portion. Duncan then throws the swordfish at Heather and the sharks surround her. Duncan then makes it to the finish line before Heather does. Chris then announces that the two can choose two people to be side by side with them to help. Duncan chose Lola and Owen while Heather chose only Alejandro. Duncan and Heather has their Tiki dummies and keeps racing up the volcano. Duncan keeps trying to catch up to Heather when he gets slowed down when he gets captured in the cage. However, Lola and Owen motivates Duncan by kissing him and bringing DJ, Geoff, Noah, Justin, Tyler and Cody (friends and mortal enemies) to cheer him on. Duncan then runs faster knowing that he can win. However, he is about to lose until he throws a grenade at the volcano and blows up Heather's dummy. Duncan then throws his dummy into the volcano and wins TDWT. Ever contestant (even Heather) cheers him on. Owen, DJ, Geoff, Cody, Izzy, Lola, Lindsay, Beth and Bridgette all gives a compliment to Duncan. Chris then gives Duncan his money and Blaineley compliments him. Duncan is then stand next to his girlfriend Lola and then kisses her with Owen, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Owen, Beth, Geoff, DJ and Bridgette standing near him as Duncan closes the finale of the series by running with everyone from the lava but lets all of them board Duncan's new yaht.


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