Episode Eliminated

TDA: Health Violation


TDA: 17th

Relationship Bridgette
Friends Duncan, Bridgette, Owen, DJ, Trent, Gwen, LeShawna, Justin
Enemies Heather, Harold,


Season 2Edit

In "Monster Cash" Geoff does decent but still fails the challenge. In "Egg-treme Torture" Bridgette and Geoff make-out. Later on, Geoff tricks Katie and Sadie into giving up the two open eggs for Bridgette and him. He then states in the confessional that he has a right to play the game too. In "Beaching the Losers" Lindsay (as team captain) chooses Geoff and LeShawna as their representative. However, Geoff complained and stated that both he and Bridgette should do it until Lindsay yells at him. Geoff and LeShawna win for their team in the first part. Bridgette and Geoff makes out in the second portion of the Prison Movie Challenges in "Sounds Like Duncan." However, during their kissing Geoff gets out of the challenge. Geoff just like the others was surprised to see Duncan return. In "Health Violation" Geoff states that he use to take medication in highschool but got a D on it. When Geoff is feeding his patient a medicine, it explodes on them both and kills his patient. Both Geoff and Bridgette were in the bottom two but Geoff gets voted off. He then kisses Bridgette good-bye.\