Episode Eliminated

TDI: Losers Gone Wild



TDI: 6th


Relationship Trent (Broke-up), Duncan (Broke-up)
Friends Beth, Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Geoff, Harold, LeShawna, Lindsay, Owen, Noah (Possibly)
Enemies Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Justin, Tyler, Lola


Season 1Edit

Gwen was put on the Screaming Gophers. In "See You Down There Part I" Gwen failed her jump in the challenge. In the next episode in "See You Down There Part II" Gwen didn't do much. Gwen like the other campers were put through a test in "Can You Stand The Sleep?" Gwen did decent in the challenge but eventually fell asleep. In "Dodgebrawl" Gwen did not talk much and was seen cheering when her team won. Gwen does not display her talents on stage to the entire viewing world in "Talent Show Bogus." In "Boot Camp" Gwen did amazing in the challenge and even surpassed many of the campers. However, she eventually loses in the challenge. Gwen hangs around with Duncan while everyone admits their fears in "Fear Factors." Gwen and Duncan were the last two and they get blown up. However, they technically passed their challenge. At the elimination, Gwen and Duncan were mad at Chris for not getting immunity.

In "Hot Kitchen" Gwen and Heather got into a heated arguement when they battled for superiority of the girls. When the girls won from being eliminated, Gwen was seen smiling. In the next episode in "Pray for the Pray" after Bridgette goes to the bathroom, Heather convinces her, Lindsay and Izzy to vote Bridgette off. Gwen stated that she was friends with Bridgette. Later on, Gwen tries to escape the gun but eventually gets eliminated from the challenge. When Trent came in the game both he and Gwen stated in the confessional that they looked cute. In "Sports Extravaganza Part I" Gwen dodges the footballs and makes it to the next round. Gwen great in the challenge but loses in "Sports Extravaganza Part II." In the next episode in "So You Think You Can Eat?" Gwen was one of two (the other being Courtney) to not vote Duncan off of the show. She then stated that she would miss him. In "Wheel...of...Disgust!" Gwen like the other contestants (other than Trent) failed their challenge. Gwen probably voted Courtney off. Gwen does okay in "Hide and Sneak" however, she does not get immunity. When Trent is sent home, he and Gwen breaks up. In the next episode in "Bike Ride To Winners" Gwen like the others build bikes. In "Losers Gone Wild" the ex-contestants had to decide on who to vote out and most of them voted Gwen out. Gwen then storms off wondering why they did that.