Episode Eliminated

TDA: No Need To Worry


TDA: 16th

Relationship Nobody
Friends Beth, DJ, Justin, LeShawna, Lindsay, Owen, Sadie
Enemies Heather, Courtney


Season 2Edit

In "Monster Cash" Katie and Sadie both scream out that they are BFF's but has no clue what it even means. Katie along with the other cast yells to Lindsay that his name is Tyler. Later on, Katie and Sadie argue over who does Justin like more. They then get captured. Katie and Sadie were later chosen or Noah's team. In the next episode in "Egg-treme Torture!" Sadie and Katie both ask to join Tyler, Gwen and Noah on finding some eggs. Noah then hesitantly lets them join. Later on, Katie and Sadie insist on getting the two eggs until Geoff tricks them into giving him the eggs by saying Justin will go out with them. During the elimination, Katie was in the bottom two but she got the last Gilded Chris. Sadie bids farewell to Katie before she leaves in "Lights! Camera! Failure!" In "Beaching the Losers" Katie states in the confessional that she misses Sadie already. After the tiebraker, Katie was chosen for the dance off and wins for her team.

In "Sounds Like Duncan" Katie like the rest of the cast was shocked to see Duncan come back. Katie most likely voted Noah off. In the next episode in "Health Violation" Katie did not compete. In "No Need To Worry" Katie like many others wonders if Chris is dead. Katie then states in the confessionals that she sucks at this challenge because is terrified of many things. Later, a cute ghost talks with Katie until Katie gets terrified of its real form, which later turns out to be Harold. At the elimination, Katie is faked like she is in the game still instead of Noah until Chris lies. She then admits that she will rejoice with Sadie again.